This course will help you prepare for an internship or a career, addressing topics such as finding and applying for internships, understanding the workplace and industry, creating a skills/competency inventory, writing and producing a resume and cover letters, practicing interviewing techniques, and a statement of goals. Although open to all undergraduate students, this course is required if you plan to complete an internship. It is not required for graduate students, but is highly recommended.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course, students will

  • how to find an internship
  • understand the workplace better through research of specific industries
  • understand how to discuss the knowledge skills associated with the English major
  • how to discuss English knowledge and skills
  • write and produce a resume and letter of applications
  • prepare a statement of goals
  • how to participate in an interview

Course Materials

All course materials are available on this course website. All books are available from the UNO bookstore or The following books are required:

  • What Color is Your Parachute? 2011, edition, by Richard N. Bolles
  • The Job Interview Phrase Book, Nancy Schuman
  • Recommended (What Color is Your Parachute? Workbook)
  • Recommended I'm an English Major. Now What?
  • Recommended Daniel Pink, A Whole New Mind

All assignments will be submitted through You will need to create an account at in order to submit your assignments. This account is free.

I will be creating a folder for each of you using your last name. Each of these folders will contain another folder called "Ready for Grading." I will assume that any documents placed into this folder are ready for grading. When responding to assignments, I will open a document and resave it with my initials with my comments and grade. You are welcome to save any other documents in this space.

Course Policies

Attendance and Participation

As in the professional workplace, much of the work we will be doing in this class depends on your interaction with others; therefore attendance is an essential component of your grade. If you must miss a class, please let me know ahead of time and be prepared to offer a plausible excuse. Missed classes do have a bearing on your grade: if you miss more than one class, you can expect a deduction in your grade. Keep in mind that a miss is still a miss, whether you have a good excuse or not. Students are required to attend ALL workshops and presentations.

Keep in mind that a miss is a still a miss even with a good excuse. You might be wise to reserve your miss for unavoidable absences such as illness or travel.

Additionally, if you must miss a class, please find out from someone else in class what happened that day and the details of any assignments. I simply and honestly do not have the time to re-present what we've done in class—but if you ever want to discuss something that came up in class or look at versions of the work you are doing for class, I'll be more than happy to meet with you.

Instructor's Initial Expectations

You will be asked to complete a number of individual and collaborative assignments as part of your development as technical communicators. These assignments are not to be taken lightly. I will expect the level of competency generally associated with a 4000/8000-level writing course and therefore will assume that students are already well versed in the conventions of standard written English and responsible research. Because writing is a form of participation within a community of practice, I expect students to perform well by proofreading and editing their work before submitting it for a grade.


Every class meeting will involve some type of assignment. Out-of-class assignments are due at the beginning of class and in-class assignments are due at the end of class. All assignments are provided on this web site. At the end of the semester, students will submit a semester portfolio that represents all work completed for this course with an end-of-the-semester, self-assessment memo that will act as a cover memo for the portfolio and individual activity logs.

Graduate students will be expected to write an additional paper.

Students with Disabilities

Accommodations are provided for students with registered disabilities. For more information contact Services for Students with disabilities in EAB 117 or 554-2872, TTY 554-3799.

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