Weekly Schedule

Assignments are due on the day they appear on the schedule; however, students may revise as much as they want.

Some assumptions I'm making about the work involved in this class:

I realize that I'm asking for a significant amount of work for one credit. Based on last semester, I have removed the Statement of Goals assignment. If you do plan to apply for graduate school, I encourage you to write a statement and submit it to me for review. Based on comments from last semester, students found the remaining deliverables too valuable to delete.

But what this workload means is that we can't possibly explore everything as completely as you'd like. Further, the books I ordered offer many opportunities for you to think, explore, and develop the skills you will need to secure an internship or find a job after graduation. Most of this work is work you need to do on your own without specific instruction or persuasion. I do not plan to police your efforts or to make sure that you complete all the exercises in the books, other than what is noted on the schedule below. You need to take the initiative to do the research and preparation for your own career. If you don't do the work beyond what's required for a grade, you will only be hurting yourself.

I am, however, always available to discuss with you any challenges you face.

Date What's happening in class What's due at the beginning of class
January 11 Introduction to the Class: Review of Deliverables Response to the Syllabus
January 18 Applying for and Finding Internships Read Internship Handbook
January 25 Report on Internships Found Job Description Analysis Report (5)
February 1 Resumes & Cover Letters Resume & Cover Letter Draft
February 8 Layout & Design of Resumes Revised Resume & Coverletter
February 15 Preparing for Skills Interviews Schuman (Chapters 1-4)
February 22 Interviews (Skills) Practice Interview
February 29 Interviews (Skills) Practice Interview
March 7 Creative Workplace Floridia (available in dropbox)
March 14 Skills Inventory Bolles, "Flower" Exercise, Step 3
March 19-23 No Class: Spring Break Nothing
March 28 Industry Background Report Findings Post Report to Blog
April 4 Preparing for Conceptual Interviews Schuman (Chapters 5-9)
April 11 Interviews (Concepts) Practice Interview
April 18 Interviews (Concepts) Practice Interview
April 25 Possible Guest Panel Attendance
April 30 All deliverables due to dropbox by 5:00 pm  
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