Understanding Digital Literacies

Developing digital literacies ’"means more than mastering the technical aspects of digital tools. It also means using those tools to do something in the social world, and these things we do invariaby involve meanaging our social relationships and our social identifies in all sorts of different and sometimes unpredictable situations (Rodney H. Jones & Christoph A. Hafner, p. 13)

Grading & Assessment


  • 100 pts Attendance, Preparation, Participation
  • 150 pts Reading Responses Blog Posts
  • 100 pts Technology Autobiography
  • 200 pts Magazine Layout
  • 100 pts Standing Reserve Image Collage
  • 150 pts Software Analysis and Presentation
  • 200 pts Zine and Presentation
  • 1000 total points


The course grade explanations are listed below, as designated by the UNO Faculty Senate in the undergraduate catalog.

A = Outstanding: Outstanding work, well beyond expectations
B = Proficient: Above average work, beyond general expectations
C = Satisfactory: Competent, satisfactory work meeting general expectations
D = Below Standard: Unsatisfactory work that does not meet general expectations
F = Failing: Little (if any) work meets general expectations

Ccourse Grading Scale

A = 900-1000
B = 800-899
C = 700-799
D = 600-599
F = Below 60%