Fall 2016 | ASH 145
Instructor Information
Dr. Tracy Bridgeford
Office: ASH 192D
Office Phone: 402-554-3312
Office Hours:
Mondays 2:00-3:00 and by appointment

Online Journals

  • Information Design Journal
  • International Journal of Design
  • Communications of the ACM
  • AIGA
  • Designer Today
  • webdesigner depot
  • Journal of Design Communication
  • A List Apart
  • dropboxesandarrows
  • Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication
  • Photoshop User
  • A List Apart

Some documents associated with the class and all assignments will be submitted through Dropbox is a document repository that I use for course materials and student files and documents. You will need to create an account at in order to submit your assignments. This account is free. In dropbox, I created a course folder called Information Design Fall 2016, which contains course documents and student files. You will receive an invitation from dropbox to join this folder. Once you've accepted the invitation, you will be able to see and access this folder.

I created a folder for each of you within the course folder. Each of these folders will contain other folders for each assignment with a "Ready for Grading" folder within each. I will assume that any documents placed into the Ready for Grading folder are ready for grading. You are welcome to save any other documents in this space. Please do NOT delete any documents in the course folder or the Ready for Grading folders.

In order to ensure that all students have access to the course documents in dropbox, I will have to share the entire course folder with everyone, which means that everyone will have access to everyone else’s folder. We will work on the honor system, which says that no one will go into anyone else’s folder without permission.

Students with Disabilities

Accommodations are provided for students with registered disabilities.

For more information contact Services for Students with disabilities:

Kate Clark, Disability Services Coordinator
UNO Disability Services
6001 Dodge Street, EAB 117
Omaha, NE 68182
Phone (402) 554-2872, TTY (402) 554-3799, Fax (402) 554-6015
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