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ENGL/JOUR 4850-8856 Information Design / Mondays 5:30-8:10 / ASH 145


Course assignments will be evaluated in two ways. 1) the quality of the design as a document (print or digital) and the ability of the designer to justify design decisions. Assessment guidelines are described below.

These guidelines outline what constitutes competence. In term of assessment of a student's performance, it is important that you understand what competence means. Competence is coming to class and doing the work. Competence is what everyone else can do. Competence is what is done when one doesn’t want to work any harder than what is expected. Competence is C work. Competence is merely completing the assignment with no effort to go beyond competent expectations. Exceptional or superior work (As and Bs) is work that extends beyond what is merely required to complete the assignment.

Documents (print or digital) will be given a score based on the document design guidelines below. One or more guideline can affect a grade higher or lower overall.

Design Work
Competent Level

Design demonstrates competent attention to the design situation, which includes purpose, audience, and situation.

Design demonstrates competent application of the principles of design, including alignment, contrast, repetition, and proximity.

Design demonstrates control of rhetorical elements.

Design demonstrates competent technical skills with the appropriate software.

Design demonstrates competent attention to readability and usability issues.


Written Design Justification
Competent Level

Designer competently justifies design decisions, using appropriate design language.

Designer competently articulation of the purpose, audience, and situation.

Designer competently challenges him/herself with design decisions and ability.

Designer competently focuses discussion appropriately.

Designer writes competently, editing and proofreading as expected for a 4000-8000 level course.