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This course will focus on the production of digital texts as a process of design problem-solving. In a workshop environment, students will create various versions of the same text using different tools and formats as well as read selected texts about design and production as theoretical concepts.

In the process, students will learn effective interface design, readability and legibility of text, layout techniques, and develop technical skills with design software such as Photoshop, InDesign, and Dreamweaver. Students do not need prior knowledge of the software.

All assignments will be submitted through You will need to create an account at in order to submit your assignments. This account is free. I will be creating a folder for each of you using your last name. Each of these folders will contain another folder called Ready for Tracy. I will assume that any documents placed into the Ready for Tracy folder are ready for grading. When responding to assignments, I will open a document and resave it with my initials with my comments and grade. You are welcome to save any other documents in this space.


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